Where do I find my credits balance?

To find your credit balance and see how it works, please follow the steps mentioned below: 

On the Unacademy app:

1. Go to the ME tab at the bottom-right side of the app.

2. Scroll down to Credits.

3. Tap on the See all option.

4. Now you can view your current balance as well as Credit history. 

5. To learn more about Credits, tap on the (i) icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Here’s a GIF to help you understand better:

On the Unacademy website:

1. Click on the watch minute bar displayed right next to your account on the top right corner. 

2. Scroll down and check your credit balance under Stats

Here's a GIF to help you understand better: 

To understand how to earn more credits or what to use them for, refer to the information below:

In case you have any further queries, please feel free to reach out to Unacademy Learner Support

Here's a GIF to help you understand better: