What are the eligibility criteria for Unacademy Combat?

All aspirants preparing for IIT JEE can participate in the contest. There are separate contests and syllabi for learners in Class 11, Class 12 & Class 13 (Droppers). The contest is only for IIT JEE preparation.

Do I need a code to enroll in the test?

Yes, a referral code is mandatory for enrolling in the contest for the first time. Please request your educator for his referral code in case you don’t have one.

In case you don’t have the educator referral code, you can use the code UNACADEMY to take the test.

When and where will the ranks be announced?

Unacademy Combat ranks will be available on a leaderboard right after the test is over.

What are the eligibility criteria to get the Unacademy Combat reward?

You need to be a non-subscriber (new to Unacademy) to become eligible for the Unacademy Combat reward. IIT JEE learners with PLUS or ICONIC subscriptions will not be eligible for the reward. 

I have enrolled in the wrong class. How do I enroll for the correct one?

You won't be able to unenroll from the combat after enrolling but you change the class in which you’ve enrolled. 

If you are using the Unacademy app:

  1. Go to the SELF STUDY tab.

  2. Navigate to the Unacademy Combat Banner. Tap on it.  Or, go to SELF STUDY>Tests>Combat.

  3. Tap on the ۷ icon next to the Class details.

  4. Select the new class you want to enroll in.

Please refer to the GIF for a better understanding.

Where and how will I be able to attempt Unacademy Combat?

You can attempt the test on the Unacademy learning app using your registered mobile number or email address. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection.

What if I get late for the test?

If you are unable to begin on time, you will need to finish the test within the allotted time left and will not be able to attend to the missed questions. We encourage you to attend the test live and be on time.

What will happen in case of rank clashes?

Rank will not clash as Combat ranking is based on multiple criteria including but not limited to, accuracy, time to answer, and difficulty of the question.

Is there any registration fee to take part in Unacademy Combat?

It’s a FREE Test for Class 11 and 12 learners as well as Droppers for IIT-JEE.