Ask a doubt feature allows you to upload any doubt that is specific to your goal and receive pre-solved solutions that are available in Unacademy’s vast solution bank or have your doubt solved by an Educator in real-time.

Does my Goal have this feature? 

Currently, the Ask a doubt feature is only available for the Goals mentioned below. We are working towards expanding this feature for other Goals as well. 

Until then, here’s the list:

  • GATE & ESE 
  • CAT & Other MBA Entrance exams
  • Bank Exams 
  • SSC (Non-Technical)
  • IIT JEE 
  • NEET UG 
  • NDA
  • CBSE Class 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • IITJEE, NEET Foundation, and NTSE
  • SSC Class 9
  • SSC Class 10
  • HSC Class 11
  • HSC Class 12

How do I use this feature? 

Please note: This feature is only available on the Unacademy App for both Android and iOS users. Follow the steps mentioned below to use this feature efficiently: 

1. Go to the Self Study tab

2. Tap on Doubts and Solutions

3. Tap on Ask a doubt

4. You can either Take a picture or Choose from gallery

5. Post the picture

6. Now, select the subject that is specific to your doubt. Keep in mind that subjective or concept-based questions are not available on the Ask a doubt feature 

7. You can ask as many doubts as you want, but only one at a time

8. Once your solution is ready, click on View Solution

9. Hope your doubt is resolved. Happy learning!   


For all K-12 and Plus users of Test Prep, a pre-solved video solution is provided instantly, given that it is available in our solution bank and if not, we solve it for you.  

Please refer to the GIF to understand it better:

I posted a doubt but did not receive a solution. What do I do?

Do not worry, we’ve got your back! If your doubt does not have a match in our solution bank, an educator will be assigned to you and the solution will be shared with you in less than 24 hours. 

I am unable to upload a doubt/getting an error message on uploading a doubt. What do I do? 

If the guidelines are not followed strictly, the system will reject your doubt. Please make sure you are in line with the points mentioned below:

  1. Please make sure that the doubt raised previously has been solved and the ratings have been submitted 
  2. Please make sure that you post doubt related to your Goal else it will be marked ‘Invalid’ 
  3. Please make sure the image you post is readable. It is recommended to post printed text from a book or a soft copy as opposed to handwritten text. Remember to include all the sub-options (if any) for the doubt you post 
  4. Images with multiple doubts will be rejected
  5. Make sure you are using the Unacademy App on an Android device and are a Plus learner 

If your problem persists, please reach out to Unacademy Learner Support via the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Go to the Me tab

  2. Tap on Help & Support

  3. Select the Chat with us option to begin your conversation

Here's a GIF to help you navigate: