You can use specific codes to avail a discount while renewing or upgrading your subscription. 

1. Use the code UNACADEMY to avail of a special 10% discount. 

2. You can also use other renewal codes, which you will find under the Renew/Extend article under My Account in the Help & Support section. 

3. You can also avail of an additional discount of up to 10% based on your credits. In order to use your referral codes and credits, please follow the below steps:

If you are using the Unacademy app: 

1. Go to the ME tab at the bottom-right side of the app.

2. Tap on the Manage button at the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Tap on Extend.

4. Select the subscription plan and tap on Continue.

5. Apply Referral/Renewal code or use ‘UNACADEMY’.

6. Tap on Proceed to Payment.

7. Next, tap on the Redeem button to use your available Credits.

8. Now, you can proceed with your preferred payment mode.

Please refer to the GIF for a better understanding:

If you are using Unacademy on the web:

1. Click on the Settings option under your profile on the home page. 

2. Select the Extend subscription option.

3. Choose the subscription duration and click on Proceed to pay.

4. Add the referral code which you have.

5. Click on the Redeem option visible next to the credits.

6. Click on Continue to make the payment. 

Please refer to the GIF for a better understanding: