What is a Group?


A Group is a small community of learners pursuing the same goal as you. Unacademy Group allows you to have a healthy weekly competition and share your achievements with your Group members! A weekly leaderboard based on points earned for every minute you learn and questions you answer is maintained to showcase your learning progress. Get inspired by your fellow Group members and aim to crack it!


How do I get added to a Group?


You are automatically added to a Group with other learners pursuing the same goal with the same learning preferences (Class, Language, Target Exam, etc) as yours. 


How can I leave/exit a Group?


You can leave any Group by following these steps.

  • Go to the Planner tab and tap on the arrow icon at the top-right corner to access your Group

  • On the Group screen, tap on the three dots at the top right corner

  • You can either change your Group from here or leave the Group

Please note that you can change a Group only twice in a 30-day period. Once you choose to change your Group, all your achievements in that Group will be lost.

I wish to leave my current Group and join my friend’s Group. How can I do that?


Another Group can be joined on an invite basis only. To join your friend’s Group, ensure the following points:


1. You and your friend have to be subscribed to the same Goal with the same learning preferences. For example, if you are subscribed to the IIT JEE goal, your friends should also be subscribed to the same goal and should choose the same language and class preferences as you have

2. Ask your friend to send you an invite to their Group 

3. Use that invite link to join your friend’s Group. Once you join your friend’s Group, you will be removed from your current Group


Why am I not able to join another Group using the invite link?


In order to join another Group, make sure you:

- Are subscribed to the same goal as your friend who has invited you to join their Group

- Have the same learning preferences (Class, Language, Target Exams, etc) as your friend’s

- Are using the correct invite link


How do I invite my friends to my Group?


To invite your friends to join your Group, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Planner tab in the bottom-left corner of the screen

2. Tap on the arrow icon at the top-right corner of the screen. You will see the Group section with a weekly competition leaderboard

3. A Group can have a maximum of 25 members. However, you will only be able to invite 15 friends, the rest 10 are auto-assigned. Your friends can only join if there is an available slot. Tap on the Add a friend icon at the top of the screen

4. Share the Group invite link with your friends using your preferred channel

5. Your friends are now successfully invited!

How can I message my fellow Group members?


We are happy to see you exploring and enjoying Group! However, currently, we do not have the messaging option available in the Group feature. Instead, you can check out your Group members’ profiles by tapping on their profile pictures and view their learning streak, minutes learned, questions attempted, achievements, weekly wins, along with the courses that they are enrolled in.


How can I change my learning preferences?


We recommend not to change your learning preferences to join a Group as your learning preferences determine your entire learning experience with Unacademy. Any changes to your learning preferences will result in a change in PLANNER, your course & batch enrollments, and your learning streak, among several other things.  


If you still wish to change your learning preferences, follow these steps:

  • On the Unacademy App, go to the Me tab at the bottom-right corner of the screen

  • At the top of the screen, you will see your subscribed goal along with a Manage button

  • Tap on the Manage button

  • You will see all your subscription details in one place. Go to the My Preferences section

  • You can now tap on Language, Class, and Target Exams to change them 


Please note that the learning preferences options (Language, Class, Target Exams, etc) are not common across all Goals. For example, for the IIT JEE goal, the learning preferences options are Language, Class, and Target Exams, whereas, for the NEET UG goal, the learning preferences options are Language and Class only.