What is Unacademy's 1:1 Live Mentorship feature?

The Live Mentorship feature enables Unacademy Learners with an ICONIC subscription to interact with Mentors on a 1:1 basis via an audio call to clear any doubt or to discuss exam strategy. 

What is the difference between Ask a doubt and 1:1 Live Mentorship?


1. In 1:1 Live Mentorship, you will be able to pre-book slots to connect with Mentors live for an audio interaction and get help in clearing any doubts and discussing exam strategy. Whereas, in Ask a doubt, you can submit specific questions to get a pre-recorded video solution created by our mentors. 

2. 1:1 Live Mentorship is available for ICONIC users only while Ask a doubt is available for everyone. 

3. 1:1 Live Mentorship can be used for doubt solving as well as exam strategy discussions, while Ask a doubt can only be used for doubt solving.

Where can I join a 1:1 Live Mentorship session?

You can join a 1:1 Live Mentorship session using the Unacademy Learner App for Android devices and the Unacademy Webpage. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the iOS platform yet. 

Note - Ensure that your device time is set to GMT +5:30 or IST as any other setting may interfere with your session and may even prevent you from logging in.


I am an iOS user. How do I join the 1:1 Live Mentorship session?

iOS users can join their 1:1 Live Mentorship session through Unacademy web or any Android device.

What is the difference between Clear a Doubt and Discuss Exam Strategy?


1. Clear a Doubt - Get your questions and doubts cleared, instantly. 

2. Discuss exam strategy - Discuss your exam preparation strategy and get the expert’s help in overcoming any challenges that you are facing/might face. 


Is there a separate session time limit for Doubts and Strategy?


There’s no difference between the time limits for Doubts and Strategy sessions. Your session balance will be able to cover all of them.

There are three types of session durations you can choose (which will consume different numbers of sessions):

  • An 8 minutes session duration with 2 minutes grace time, this type of session selection will consume 1 session.

  • An 18 minutes session duration with 2 minutes grace time, this type of session selection will consume 2 sessions.

  • A 28 minutes session duration with 2 minutes grace time. This type of session selection will consume 3 sessions.


How many sessions will I get?


In our Early Access Program, you will be credited with sessions on a prorated basis as per the no. of days left from the day of the launch of the Early Access Program till the end of your subscription.


Iconic Subscription Period

No. of Live Mentorship Sessions

12 months


24 months



For example, if the Early Access Program is launched on 23rd July 2021, a Learner who joined Unacademy as an Iconic Learner for 12 months on 23rd January 2021, will get 50% of the 48 sessions (24 sessions) that are valid till 23rd January 2022.


Note: The corresponding 1:1 Live Mentorship Program session credits will lapse along with the expiry of the main subscription and any unused credits will not be carried forward to bonus subscriptions, renewed subscriptions, or extended subscriptions.


What happens to unused 1:1 Live Mentorship sessions at the end of the subscription period?

The 1:1 Live Mentorship session credits gained after purchasing the ICONIC subscription are only valid till the duration of your subscription. Any unused session credits from previous subscriptions will expire with the expiry of your subscription.

Until what duration can I see my Mentor’s availability?

You can check your Mentor’s availability for the next 7 days. However, you will need to update your app to view the same as this feature is only available on the latest version of our app.

How many hours/days in advance can I book a session?

You can book your 1:1 Live Mentorship sessions from anywhere between 60 minutes to 7 days in advance on the Unacademy app for Android, or up to 2 days in advance on the website. 


Where can I check the session balance?


On your 1:1 Live Mentorship Home, your session balance is highlighted.

How many sessions can I book at a time?


You can book multiple sessions at a time for different kinds of help you require.


If I don't join the session, will my session credits be deducted?


Yes. If you do not join the session at the scheduled time, the session credits would be deducted.


If I cancel a scheduled session, will I lose my session credits?


If you cancel a scheduled session 1 hour prior to the session start time, your session credits will not be deducted. However, if you fail to cancel a scheduled session 1 hour prior to the start time, your sessions credits will be deducted. 


Can 1:1 Live Mentorship Program sessions be booked on Sundays as well?


Yes, you can book a session on Sunday, if your Mentor is available.

What is an Ice Breaking/Welcome Session?

It is a session for all new Iconic Learners, auto-booked by Unacademy, for them to connect with, and learn about their Mentor, for the first time. Learners can reschedule this session, but no refunds will be processed in case of cancellations or no-shows.


Who are the Mentors?


Mentors are the former/current students of the top institutes of the nation or senior faculty members who have vast experience in teaching students. 


I want specific Mentors for Doubt Solving/Mentorship. Can I choose the Mentors from the list?


You can re-book a new session with any Mentor with whom you have already spoken and given positive feedback. On your 1:1 Live Mentorship home, you will be able to see the Book again option, which will let you book the same Mentors again.


I don't want the Mentor assigned. Can I change the Mentor for the session?


Mentors are automatically assigned to your session. However, you can choose to re-book a session with a mentor with whom you have previously spoken and given positive feedback. 


Can I book consecutive sessions with the same Mentor?


Yes, you can book consecutive sessions with a mentor based on their availability. Each session can be of a maximum of 10 minutes (1 session), 20 minutes (2 sessions), or 30 minutes (3 sessions) depending on the session duration you choose. After which you and the mentor can start a new session to continue your discussion. Please note that this is not available for learners booking a session for the first time.

What do I do If my mentor is not available during my preferable time and I get a ‘no slots available’ error on my screen? 

We are sorry to hear this! You can still book a session for 1:1 Live Mentorship, and you’ll be assigned a different mentor who is available at that time.

The Mentor is not available for re-booking. What should I do? 


A mentor of your choice might be unavailable. Please check again later, or try booking a session with a new mentor.


Can I re-book the same Mentor?


Yes, you can re-book the Mentors with whom you have previously spoken and given a positive rating. On your 1:1 Live Mentorship home, you will be able to see the Book again option which will let you book the same Mentors again.


When will a Mentor be assigned for a session?


You will get to see the assigned mentors 30 mins before the start of the session.


How do I book a session?

Watch this video to understand how to book 1:1 Live Mentorship sessions.


How do I join my scheduled 1:1 Live Session?


Please follow the steps mentioned below to schedule a session: 

1. Navigate to your 1:1 Live Mentorship homepage or planner,

2. Locate 'Live Session'.

3. Click on it to join the scheduled session.


How can I cancel my session? 


Please follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your session: 

1. Go to your 1:1 Live Mentorship homepage.

2. Navigate to the Scheduled session that you want to cancel.

3. On clicking it, you will be able to see the Cancel Session pop-up.


If you are facing any issues, please reach out to Unacademy Learner Support via the Unacademy app or website.


Whom and how to reach out if I face an issue during a 1:1 Live Mentorship session?


Please reach out to Unacademy Learner Support via the app or website with more details about your issue, and we will help you resolve them at the earliest.


The Mentor hasn't joined the session even after 2 minutes from the scheduled time. What should I do?


We are very sorry that the Mentor didn’t join the scheduled session. This is not the kind of experience we want you to have. Do not worry, the session will be refunded back to your account. If you wish to speak with another Mentor, please book a new session.


The time was not sufficient for my discussion. Can I rebook a session? 


We’re sorry you feel like that! However, you can always rebook a session with the same mentor whom you have previously spoken with and given a positive rating for,  by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to the 1:1 Live Mentorship Home page.

2. Navigate to the Book Again option.

3. Click on it and re-book the mentor you wish to speak with again.


I wasn't satisfied with the response of the mentors during the session. What’s next? 


We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with your discussion with the Mentor. We would love to hear from you about what wasn’t up to the mark. Please ensure to register your feedback; it will help us improve your learning experience. 


Can I extend my time during a session with the same mentor?


You are awarded 2 grace minutes to wrap up the conversation. Unfortunately, you cannot extend the duration of the session further after the grace period is over.


I want a refund for my session. Whom do I reach out to?


Please reach out to Unacademy Learner Support via the app or website with your session details. In case of any cancellations by Unacademy or a Mentor no-show, the session will be automatically refunded to your account.