What is UPSC CSE Iconic Subscription?


Unacademy UPSC CSE Iconic subscription offers you one-on-one guidance from a personal coach throughout your learning journey along with all the benefits of Plus subscription. You can discuss your study plan, strategy and other challenges that you face during the preparation stage with the coach, who will provide you guidance and help monitor your progress.


What can you expect from the UPSC CSE Iconic Subscription?


  • Personal Coach: One on one guidance sessions with a personal coach on preparation strategy & choosing the right learning resources

  • Mains Q&A Practice With Evaluation: Mains Q&A test series, Daily GS questions and model answers  along with weekly answer writing practice and evaluation

  • Study Tracker and Daily Reports: Study tracker plan with bi-weekly reviews that highlight your progress

  • Profile Review: The coach will provide constructive feedback based on your profile data such as test scores, learning behaviour, engagement level etc.

  • Study Booster Sessions: In these sessions, you will get an in-depth understanding of various important facets of the UPSC exam like ‘How to read NCERTs?’ or ‘How to score good marks in Optionals?’ and so on.

  • Targeted Current Affairs Articles: Daily current affairs articles will be segregated syllabus wise, thus, reducing the burden of identifying important articles from the newspaper. 

  • All benefits of PLUS: Live classes from top educators, mock tests & quizzes, along with  structured batch courses in line with exam syllabus






I’m interested- how do I sign-up for Iconic?


You can subscribe to  Unacademy Iconic subscription through the mobile App or the Unacademy Website.

If you are already a Plus subscriber, then you can upgrade to Iconic subscription through the android mobile app or web.


Note : Iconic subscription is currently not available on iOS app.


Here is how you can upgrade to Iconic subscription


On Android Mobile App



On Web



Pls note:  Iconic Subscription is only available for 12 months & 24 months plan.



What happens to my Plus subscription if I upgrade to iconic?


You will be assigned a fresh Iconic subscription starting from the date of transaction up to opted Iconic subscription period. The amount for your un-utilized Plus subscription duration will be reduced from Iconic subscription price. 


Refer to the below image (Prices are indicative only)



What happens to my Bonus plus subscription duration? 


Don’t worry, any bonus plus subscription duration would be applicable from the end date of Iconic subscription. 


I’ve taken up the Iconic subscription - what happens next?


Fantastic - you’ve taken the first step to become an ICONIC learner. You will receive a welcome email within a few minutes. Follow the steps below to unlock your ICONIC subscription : -



  • Fill Form: Submit your Learning requirements by clicking ‘Let’s Start’ in Step - 1 given in welcome email (Ref: screenshot below). It will help us understand your learning requirements and we will assign best suited coach to you within 72 hours

  • Discord Account: Create an account on Discord (it’s free) and join Unacademy’s UPSC CSE Discord server using your unique link ‘Open Discord’ given in email. Your mentor will interact with you through chat, audio & video calls over Discord. If you’re stuck anywhere, refer to the video in step-4 with the welcome email to walk you through the  process.


  • Ice-Breaker Session: Once your coach is assigned, (s)he would reach out to you to schedule a video call with you. 


Will Unacademy educators be assigned as a coach?


No, educators won’t be assigned as coaches. Coaches are highly trained exam experts who themselves have appeared in the UPSC CSE interview.


How often would the coach talk to me?


Coach would schedule a call with you every 15 days. However, If you’ve something specific to ask, then you can reach out anytime to your coach through Discord.



How many learners would be there in one coach group?


A maximum of 25 learners.  


Will the coach be of the language preferred while filling the form?


We try to align the language as much as feasible, but it is not always possible to do so.


Will the coach have the same optional as the learner?


We try to align the optional in certain cases, but it is not always possible to do so. However, we provide general guidance along with optional subject workshops and answer writing for a few of the optional subjects. 



Would the coach help in academic doubts?


No, coaches would mostly help in strategic preparation. For academic doubts, learners can get their doubts cleared in the Plus classes.



What is the Grievance Redressal Mechanism?


In case you're facing any issues then you can message on ‘Unacademy Iconic Helpdesk’ ID on discord and the team will get in touch to resolve the issue.


Can I extend my Plus subscription if I do not want to upgrade to Iconic? 


Yes, and the validity of your Plus subscription will be extended by opted subscription duration.


I have purchased an Iconic subscription. Can I choose to downgrade from Iconic to Plus subscription?


No, you cannot downgrade from Iconic to Plus. However, you can choose to extend your plan with the Plus subscription.