What is an Iconic Subscription?


Unacademy GATE & ESE Iconic subscription offers you one-on-one guidance from a personal Mentor throughout your learning journey, along with all the benefits of a Plus subscription. You can discuss your study plan, exam strategy and other challenges you face during the preparation stage with the Mentor, who will guide and help monitor your progress.


What are the features of an Iconic Subscription?


Personal Mentor

A personal Mentor will guide you throughout your GATE & ESE preparation. You can discuss your study plan, exam strategy and clear any doubts you may face during your preparation. Book a session and talk to your Mentor via the 1:1 Live Mentorship feature on the Unacademy app (Android) and website. 

Priority in doubt solving

As an Iconic learner, your academic doubts will be given priority by Educators during live classes.

Physical Notes

You will get access to Physical Notes (up to 8,000 printed pages per branch and chapter-wise practice questions) curated by experts that will help you in your preparation. 

Please note: Tranche 1 of Physical Notes will be delivered within 15-20 days from the subscription date. Also, Physical Notes are not available for the Chemical Branch and ESE.


You get an opportunity to freely interact with the topmost educators and discuss any topic.

Learner community 

Stay updated with information on the upcoming batches and other details via Discord.

All benefits of Plus subscription

Access live classes of Top Educators, mock tests, quizzes, structured batches and courses in line with the exam syllabus.


Number of 1:1 Live Mentorship Sessions

Iconic subscription (in months) 

# of sessions allocated











How do I sign up for the Iconic subscription?


You can subscribe to Unacademy Iconic through the Unacademy app or the website.

If you are already a Plus subscriber, you can upgrade to Iconic through the Unacademy app or website.


Note: You can book 1:1 Live Mentorship sessions only through the Unacademy Android app or website. Currently, the feature is not available on the iOS app.

Unacademy App 

Unacademy Website

What happens to my Plus subscription if I upgrade to Iconic?


A new Iconic subscription will be assigned to you starting from the transaction date up to the opted Iconic subscription period. The amount for your un-utilized Plus subscription duration will be reduced from the Iconic subscription price. 

Refer to the below image (*prices are indicative only) 


What happens to my bonus Plus subscription duration? 


Don’t worry. Any bonus Plus subscription duration will be applicable from the end date of the Iconic subscription.


I’ve taken up the Iconic subscription. What happens next?


Fantastic! You will receive a welcome email within a few minutes of subscribing. Find the ‘Discord section’ on the welcome mail and follow the below steps:


Discord Account: Create an account on Discord (it’s free!), and join Unacademy’s GATE & ESE Discord server by clicking on the ‘Open Discord’ button provided in the email. Your Mentor will interact with you through chat over Discord.




Will Unacademy Educators be assigned as Mentors?


No, Educators won’t be assigned as Mentors. Mentors are former/current students of the top institutes of the nation or senior faculty members with vast experience in teaching students. 


How often will the Mentor talk to me?


You get session credits enough to connect with your Mentor twice a month upon subscribing to Iconic. However, you also can schedule a 1:1 Live Mentorship session anytime you prefer depending on your Mentor’s availability with the available session credit balance. If you have something specific, you can reach out to your Mentor anytime through Discord.

Will the Mentor be using the language preferred while filling the form?


We try to align the language as much as feasible, but it is not always possible to do so.


Would the Mentor help with academic doubts?


No, Mentors will mainly help in strategic preparation. You can raise academic doubts to Educators in Plus classes.


Are Physical Notes provided for the Chemical branch?


Currently, Physical Notes are not available for the Chemical Branch and ESE.


Whom to reach out to if I face any issues?


In case you face any issues, please reach out to Unacademy Learner Support via the app or website. 


Can I extend my Plus subscription if I do not want to upgrade to Iconic? 


Yes, and the validity of your Plus subscription will be extended by the opted Iconic subscription duration.


I have purchased an Iconic subscription. Can I choose to downgrade from Iconic to Plus subscription?


Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade from Iconic to Plus. However, you can choose to extend your plan with the Plus subscription.