When is the contest scheduled? What will be the frequency?
From the 14th of February, Unacademy Combat will be conducted on a weekly basis. In order to check the schedule please refer to the information on the Combat Page. 

I am a Plus User, Am I Eligible for the Scholarship?
We're sorry to inform you that the scholarship is only applicable for free users. However, you can attend every combat scheduled to test your knowledge and prepare efficiently.

What is The Eligibility Criteria for Unacademy Combat?

All UPSC aspirants can participate in this contest.

Do I Need a Code to Enroll for the Test?

Yes, a referral code is mandatory for enrolling for the contest for the first time. Please request your educator for his referral code in case you don’t have one. 

In case you don’t have the educator referral code- you can use the code: UNACADEMY to take the test.

Please note - Referral code is not required for the PLUS subscribers.

What is the Syllabus and Test Pattern of Unacademy Combat- Scholarship Test?

If you have not enrolled for the test the syllabus can be checked on the landing page (on web) - https://unacademy.com/combat/a/KSCGY

Scroll down to this screen shown below & click on view details of your preferred branch to check the syllabus.

If you have enrolled for the test then the syllabus can be checked on your android app. Please go to the “Tests” shown on the bottom bar in your app, after this click on the Combat banner, you will be prompted to select a branch. After selecting the branch you can click on “Learn More” shown under the Enroll now/ Enrolled button. Please refer to the screenshot shown below. 

When and Where Will the Ranks be Announced?

Unacademy Combat ranks will be available on a leaderboard right after the test is over.

What’s the Reward for Attending Unacademy Combat?

Going forward, Plus and Iconic users will not be eligible for rewards. However, Combat will take place weekly to help you prepare better and reach your goal with ease.

Where and How Will I Be Able to Attempt Unacademy Combat?

You can attempt the test on the Unacademy learning app (Android Only) using your registered mobile number or email address. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection. 

What if I Get Late for the Test?

If you are unable to  begin on time, you will need to finish the test within the allotted time left and will not be able to attend the missed questions. We encourage you to attend the test live and be on time.

Video solutions will be made available on the app after the test gets over.

What Will Happen in Case of Rank Clashes?

Rank will not clash as ranking is based on multiple criteria including but not limited to accuracy, time to answer and difficulty of question.

Is There a Registration Fee for Unacademy Combat?

It’s a FREE Test for all UPSC aspirants.