Please note that the Go Live widget is only available 15 mins before the class start time. In case you are not able to go live within 15 minutes of the class start time, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Refresh the page (press F5 / select link in address bar + Enter).

  • Close all the other open tabs on your browser.

  • Try opening the class in Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) using this link -

  • Restart your system. Please do not click on the ‘End Class’ button.

In case these troubleshooting steps are not sufficient, please reach out to our Live Class Support Team via the Support widget on the app or website. 

Please note clicking on the Live support widget opens an application called Team Viewer, ensure that the application is installed on your system for the support team to help you out quickly.

You are advised to start the Live Class at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time so that you get ample time to follow the troubleshooting steps, in case any unforeseen issue occurs.