1. When will I receive my Unacademy T-Shirt/Jacket?

Once the order is placed, you can expect delivery within the next 30 days. Also, Unacademy Jackets will only be available from September to February. 

2. What is the eligibility for requesting Unacademy T-shirt/Jacket?

If you have an active contract with Unacademy, you can request Unacademy’s Iconic T-Shirt and Jacket. 

Please note: LMP educators are not eligible for Unacademy T-Shirt/Jacket.   

3. How do I get the Unacademy T-Shirt/Jacket?

- Please click here to order Unacademy T-Shirt.  

- Please click here to order Unacademy Jacket.

Please note that for each request, only one Unacademy T-Shirt/Jacket will be sent.